Veneer Shepetivka Ltd. (TOV Shpon Shepetivka) was seted up in 2013. The manufacturing facility is situated in Shepetivka town, Khmelnytski region, Ukraine. Veneer Shepetivka Ltd. produces plywood (conventional and waterproof) of format and alternative sizes. We produce back and eats for chairs (it could be conventional or radios). Veneer Shepetivka Ltd. produces rotary cut and sliced veneer and lamellas for beds. We propose you full-sized products of veneer and alternative variants of production. The manufacturing facility produces niche products.

Veneer Shepetivka Ltd. works not only with Ukrainian, but also with Poland Canadian and USA furniture companies.

We have FSC®(FSC-C130859) certificate and can produce production according to demands of FSC.

The manufacturing facility moves towards zero waste. We are always opened for ideas of how to make the manufacturing facility useful and not harmful for environment.

Veneer Shepetivka Ltd. proposes you affordable prices and good quality of products. You have the opportunity to buy production wholesale. Our customers are companies who make good quality furniture for affordable prices.